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«what is money?»

What is Money?

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Sunflower and the MoneyMuseum intensively discuss how our modern understanding of money has evolved throughout history. We develop categories of terms which capture the essense of money. Presented here. 



We describe the necessity of a money theory and present herein the twelve characteristics of money from which we derive the terms  to describe the essense of money.


Money Theory I: The Basics

Material and Time are closely related to money. But while material has played a crucial role for a long time, time and money have connected relatively late in history. Here, we present the whole story. 

  • Money and Material
  • Money and Time

Money Theory II: Social Sciences

Money is closely related to Power and social Relations and therefore belongs to the science of sociology. An introduction is presented here.

  • Money and Power
  • Money and Relation

Money Theory III: Economics, Philosophy

Because money functions as exchange medium today, it is generally thought to have originated in barter transactions – mistakenly. Explained in detail here. At the same time, money forms people’s thinking by forcing them in various ways to be steered by money. Read the whole story. 

  • Money and Barter
  • Money as a Thought Form

Alternatives to Money?

Economies without money – how should that work? We also don’t know. But we do want to think about it. People do things, give each other gifts, share what they have, help each other and contribute to the success of enterprises large and small – without money. They did it earlier and they do it today. And what does the future look like?

  • Thoughts about “good money”, Commoning and other Ideas


Questions and Answers 

The financial markets collapse, greed takes over, agro-investors chase away small farmers, financial crises and damages to the environment … what is happening to our modern money? Couldn't it behave as “good money”? Here, you get answers.